Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Phil the Fan

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It’s been said before; there was no one quite like Phil the Fan. It is only appropriate that a post be dedicated to him. I look at this way; Phil was more punk than most of us. Who else made and sported chain suspenders. I rode my bike once to a Warlock Pinchers practice. Phil rode his bike to most shows, record stores…pretty much everywhere. I recall when Beefeater from Washington DC was suppose to play at Pirate Butch’s tattoo studio way out in Commerce City. Guess who showed up on his bike. The tragedy was the show was moved to Lenny’s basement in Boulder. I didn’t go, but I’m sure Phil found a way to get there.

Phil was born with a disability, but that never stopped him from doing what loved, watching live music and cutting up fliers and making art. During his final days, he was running, Phil the Fan’s Electric Light Show of America. He loved the attention.

Jill Razer saved much of Phil’s belongings as it was doomed for the dump. He had quite a collection of records, shirts, tapes, and art. She has created a Facebook page in memory of him. Do yourself a favor, like the page and check out what a full life he lived.

R.I.P.  Phil

Photo by Nancy Kennedy. Brush and ink Drawing by Bob Rob Medina.

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