Thursday, September 14, 2017

Colorado Krew 2 update and more!

Sorry for the long absence, here's an update on our new project(s): 

Denvoid 2-The Colorado Krew: Tales From the Colorado Punk Scene 1988-96. Longtime friend/former bandmate/roommate, Sonny Kay will co-author and bring in his insights and role in the scene. We've been feverishly slaving away collecting materials, interviewing people, and making the artwork for it. We will be releasing bits and pieces every week. Also, we've been working with History Colorado Center about having our book release event there (with live music?) in late 2018 as they gear up for their awesome Colorado Music History exhibit in 2019. Exciting times are on the horizon.

In the meantime, I will be traveling to Denver to talk to a class at DU on Colorado Punk and hosting a panel discussion at Mutiny Information Cafe, 2 South Broadway, Denver on October 26 at 7:30 pm with: 
Jill “Razer” Mustoffa (promoter) 
Arnie Beckman (Choosey Mothers) 
Andrew Novick (Warlock Pinchers)
Jason Heller (Crestfallen/music writer)
Tom Murphy (former Westword music columnist)

Speaking of books. Robot Enemy shows no signs of slowing down. You can still order Denvoid and the Cowtown Punks and Sonny's book, Headspaces by clicking here.
Sonny Kay is a graphic artist and illustrator, punk rock vocalist (Angel Hair, The VSS, Year Future), record label founder (Gold Standard Laboratories), and underground music icon. Beginning in the early nineties, his cut-and-paste flyer making gradually evolved into designing album covers, and by 2007 he was mastering a graphic technique all his own, crafting seamless, painting-like collages, often on behalf of some of the most colorful names in rock music, such as: THE MARS VOLTA, THE LOCUST, RX BANDITS, THE GLITCH MOB, AND SO I WATCH YOU FROM AFAR and 311, to name a few. Ranging from the provocative to the surreal to the incomprehensible, Kay's work is true to his anti-authoritarian nature while often exploring themes of higher consciousness, multi-dimensionality, and so on. HEADSPACES is the first book of his work. Packed with nearly 200 images, it's an exhaustive collection of high-definition, mind-bending collage art new and old, featuring many previously unpublished works, and of course, covers to a lot of albums.  

In October, Robot Enemy will be releasing Patterns of Reconciliation by Matt Mauldin.
Matt Mauldin is a poet living in Santa Barbara, CA, originally from Atlanta, GA. He was involved for many years in Atlanta’s underground rock scene as singer and lyricist for the bands Car vs Driver, Chocolate Kiss and Sonn Av Krusher. His first anthology, Patterns of Reconciliation, is comprised of select poems written between 1993 and 2017, and is organized around themes such as coming-of-age, trauma, love, mourning, depression, anxiety, relationships, enlightenment, social commentary and spirituality. 


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